KWI is leading the way in networking with Kid’s Leaders from a number of denominations, including Assemblies of God U.K. and the Anglicans. The aim is to encourage and inspire local ministries whilst facilitating national and international missions to kids.


Traditionally, the Italian church has been quite legalistic, but is now on the verge of breakthrough. KWI is building relationship with some forward thinking churches who see the importance of Kid’s Ministry.


The Pentecostal Church is rapidly emerging, and desires a relevant and contemporary Kid’s Ministry. KWI has been in Poland for 5 years, helping to establish local ministries in Olesno, Wodzislaw and Gdansk, and are currently assisting in the development of a National Kid’s movement. These projects are with Next Level International.


Next Level International is starting their Church Planting Project in 2008. Training in Kid’s Ministry and reaching community kids will commence in 2008/9.


Training of the Church Planting Project Pastors and Kid’s Leaders of the Apostolic Fellowship of Slovakia will begin in 2008 – 2010. This is with Next Level International.


From 2004 – 2006, Next Level International had a Church Planting Project which reached from Kiev to the eastern border of Ukraine. Current Kid’s Ministry training is with the Ukraine Free Churches Union of Evangelical Christians.

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