Leadership Training

Leadership training is aimed at Kid’s Leaders, Pastors and Church Planting Projects. These sessions highlight the importance of ministering to children and the need to address this in every church, whilst giving practical tools for establishing a relevant Kids Ministry.

The topics covered a wide variety of subjects, including

  • What does the Bible say about Kids?
  • Reaching a child’s heart
  • Where has Children’s Church been and what is the future?
  • Think like a child and see how they learn
  • Child safety – providing a safe environment for our kids
  • Building and retaining a dynamic team
  • Crowd control, both in a small and large setting
  • Teaching methods and getting the point across
  • Games Time!
  • The technical support crew
  • Attracting and retaining kids
  • Outreach events into the local community
  • Making Sunday the best day in a kid’s week

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