Boost Conference

BOOST – to lift, to raise, bring addition, to advance, breakthrough, expansion, bring improvement, to step up, to upgrade

This conference will change the mindset of Kid’s Ministry in Europe

It will be inspirational and informational

The result will impact you, your church and the kids of Europe

This will last for the generations to come!!

Aim: To BOOST the profile of Kid’s Ministry throughout Europe

Philosophical focus

  • To facilitate an apostolic network of like minded people, united by the cause of children, not by denomination
  • To create an environment that instills encouragement and hope that each individual can make a difference

Church focus

  • To train and inspire the local church in reaching their children
  • To train and inspire the local church to train and inspire others

Mission focus

  • Investing in Kid’s Ministry in Europe
  • Facilitating churches to start national movements in their nation
  • Resource Kid’s Ministry in Europe

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