On the personal side…

Kari – As you may have noticed from the pictures, Kari’s appearance has changed over the last couple of weeks due to 1) loosing her first tooth and 2) getting glasses. Over the past 6 months, we have been visiting a number of medical people, including a Consultant Paediatric Opthalmologist. The end result is she has a lump called a dermoid (normal tissue in the wrong spot) in her right eye socket. We are waiting on scan results to see if anything needs to be done with it, and what the options are. It was also found that she has astigmatism in her right eye (i.e. a funny shaped eyeball) and hence the glasses, as this can sometimes be corrected.

Lara – Lara received her birthday present early this year – a new bike! John said to her that if she learnt to ride her bike without the training wheels, she could get a new bike for her birthday. It took one afternoon for her to master this – talk about determination!

Courtney – Way back in January, Courtney reached double figures and celebrated with a sleepover party. 10 friends were invited with the thinking that they all wouldn’t be able to make it – wrong! They all came, and so we had a very full lounge room of girls, all ‘sleeping’ over, although we don’t think their definition of ‘sleeping’ was the same as ours!

Bushfires – We have been very saddened and shocked to see the devastation caused by the bushfires in the Kinglake area earlier in the year. It was very close to home, as we lived in St. Andrews for 7 years and would attend annual training at the local CFA, along with having a fire plan. Our deepest sympathies and prayers to everyone affected by the fires, especially those of you who have lost loved ones, property and/or possessions.

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