Easter meant that on Christine’s birthday, John and Courtney left home at 3 a.m. to travel to Madrid, Spain, where the Salem church held their annual Easter conference. Here, John continued building relationship we began last September and trained around 90 kids leaders. This included a practical demonstration where John ran a ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Sunday, assisted by Courtney. It ended with most of the 80 kids and 40 leaders crying (because of the Holy Spirit, not John’s speaking!) and responding to the challenge to stand up for Jesus, take a risk for God and be serious about their faith.

The church leaders in Madrid are very supportive of kid’s ministries and want to see it embraced across the nation. Don’t underestimate what is happening here in Spain. They have a passion for and value kids. Seeing kids interact and respond to God overwhelms them, and so they want to learn how to effectively minister to them. Our involvement in Spain looks like it will be a 4 year project, as the leadership are really keen to see this become a reality in their nation. This will include intensive training twice a year for the kid’s leaders.

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