In Bratislava, Slovakia, Christine attended ‘EMERGE’, Next Level International’s first conference for European women in leadership. Emerge was a conference for women in church leadership, designed for both emerging and advanced leaders. Everything is in the name. Emerge; ‘to appear out of or from behind something; to come out of an experience, condition, situation, especially a difficult one; to become known or apparent; to arise’. Everything about the conference reflected the value & importance women have in God’s Kingdom. A holistic approach to ministry was modeled, addressing the whole person; spirit, soul & body.One hundred and twenty plus leaders from England, Canada, Germany and the US gathered with leaders from Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia to encourage, equip and release each other to God’s purposes. The conference theme was ‘Come Out of the Shadows’ and covered topics such as healthy thinking, healing and freedom from former hurts and fears through intimacy with God and the role of women bringing the message of hope to their nations. There is such hunger amongst the women of Europe & they need encouragement to ‘come out of the shadows’ & be all that God has called them to be.The weekend included interactive ministry workshops for those involved in children’s, youth and women’s ministries. Christine facilitated the kids ministry workshop, speaking on ‘why kids ministry?’, ‘how kids think and learn’ and ‘seeing kid’s hearts changed, not just educating their heads’. Practical life sessions were held in parenting, being a pastor’s wife and women in leadership.

For more s stories from EMERGE, check out www.nlieurope.com.

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