Destination the Old City of Constanta, Romania
Why?  The goal of the trip was to assist Matt and Estera with their church plant and community work in whatever way they required, to be a blessing to them personally and to promote their mission and vision.
When?  Last week in October
Who Went?  4 nine year old girls, two 14 and 18 year old guys and 3 adults, including Christine (who co-lead the team) and Courtney (dancer extraordinaire)
The Results

  • Seeing elderly faces, at the Heart to Heart Day Centre, light up at watching the kids dance and play. Joining the old blokes in their rather competitive dominos and chess games. Coming together to pray for and encourage one of our team as he and his family prepare for future ministry in Uganda.
  • Walking alongside Matt through the Old City streets and having kids excitedly run out of their homes to hug him.
  • Being mobbed by about 40 kids and their families from a poor Turkish neighborhood as the team patiently painted their faces, and seeing many freshly washed faces appearing to be repainted, just for the attention and because someone was touching them.
  • Visiting multigenerational families, living in dark inner city one roomed apartments with one bed, one couch, one stove/heater, one saucepan, one light bulb and one outside communal toilet.
  • Participating in Kids Clubs, where kids are kids, to play, laugh, always have hope and seek to engage with you, regardless of their living conditions. Sharing with them the story of Joseph and that God loves you and has a plan for you.
  • Taking part in services at the Mother Church in Constanta and being able to encourage them in their support of Matt and Estera. It was our privilege for the whole team, kids included, to minister here.
  • Each person on the team did something for the first time – a dance, sharing testimonies, connecting with someone different, speaking what God put on their heart, praying with others.

What Next? The choice is yours! Anyone can support people like Matt and Estera in changing their community and planting a church. Pray for them. Give financially. Participate on a short-term mission trip. Promote them. Respond to what God is telling you to do and have the time of your life – we did!!

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