“Estos son nuevos tiempos!” – These are new times!

Kids Leaders Training in Madrid, Spain

September 26 – 28

“The burden that God has given me in my heart is that kids know Him and what He is like and that they have a daily relationship and a spiritual life. For us to be a blessing and to be used by God, so that when they become teenagers, they continue to have a long spiritual life, rooted in the faith.

They are the strategy of God for our country and for this world, which has lost its foundation. We need to pay a price. We need to train in kids ministry with a simple and fresh vision for these days. We are in times when we need to stand face to face, confront our circumstances and decide to keep going forward. We cannot stay in the past.

We learn to know and look for God, to trust and rest in Him. Now it is time to learn to move forward in these new times. God is providing the means and the way to walk in these new times.

Don’t worry, just be available. The work is up to Him.”

This is a direct translation of the cry from the hearts of Spanish kids leaders. John and Christine trained 40 people at a camp over the weekend, with the theme “Estos son nuevos tiempos – these are new times”. It was a melting pot of Spanish speaking cultures, including immigrants from Cuba, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and Portugal. Kids ministers are at a point where they recognize that methods used in the past no longer connect with kids. They are actively seeking a way forward. The mix of inspirational speaking and practical workshops was well received, giving leaders both the desire and tools to reach the kids of today. Topics covered included 21st Century Kids Ministry, How kids learn, Communication and the Why and How of Under 6’s. This concluded on Sunday, with John preaching to around 600 people at the Salem Church in Madrid.

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