Update – February 2008

So things are a little quiet around the Santo house now! All the Aussies have gone home and, although the extra space is appreciated, the lack of company has forced us into watching copious amounts of ‘Red Dwarf’. Sad, we know!! 

John is headed to Poland and Czech Republic in March to start sorting out the BOOST Tour 09. (This is a touring Kid’s Works style event in August 09 through Southern Poland, Czech and Slovakia – 4 weeks – 3 nations – heaps of towns – HUGE IMPACT!!) He will be hiring a car and driving between the countries and a number of cities. It will be an interesting trip, considering he gets lost coming home from Birmingham airport with the GPS or SatNav, so driving on the wrong side of the road, without Christine to double check his turns will be interesting! He is taking along a couple of the NLI interns – good luck to them! Stay tuned for the trip report! 

Courtney, Lara and Kari have just gone back to school after their mid term break. Before this, Courtney went on her first school camp for 2 nights/3 days and thoroughly enjoyed her time. Fortunately it didn’t rain and wasn’t too cold (well, for England!) Lara has been busy, going to school, dance, music, friend’s houses and Shake (kids outreach program for 4-7 year olds). Kari has continued to do really well with her reading and writing, thanks largely to Grandma and Aunty Marie, who are both ex-teachers and spent valuable time with her. Kari received an award at her school praise assembly for ‘great work with phonics’ which she is very proud of. Christine has acclimatised back into the English winter, after her short spell in Melbourne and has settled back to ‘normal’ life without any hitches. 

Will let you know how John’s European trip goes!

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