The Size of Discipleship

When Jesus commanded his people to go and make disciples of all peoples and nations, I wonder if He put an age limit on becoming a discipleship maker? The famous wild life warrior Steve Irwin was passionate about influencing the next generation and inspiring more warriors for the cause. One only needs to watch his daughter, Bindi, to see the results of this kind of thinking. You can change tomorrow by reaching children today. These children may not be able to change today, however they will be making decisions in the future. Our ability to invest in the future will directly return to us in time.

Whilst in Slovakia doing some training with the new church planters, I spent time with Peter, a church planter. A young boy named Tomasz attends his home group. This young boy insists that he is going to help Peter with the church plant. Tomasz is from a broken home and met Peter on the soccer field. Tomasz is the first to arrive at every meeting and the last to leave. Who knows what Tomasz will become? We must never underestimate the power of discipleship over our very young.


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