Are you the answer for Europe?

Next level International and KWI are expanding their creative leadership to include a team of Children’s Pastors and Leaders who have a passion for sharing their ministry with the world. The church in Europe has been left behind in many areas, particularly in children’s ministry. It will take teams of Children’s Pastors and Leaders from different types of churches and denominations, who will open their hearts and skills for the sake of those who are desperate about learning Children’s Ministry but lacking the opportunity to do so.

We are looking to develop an International team of people with successful ministries that can serve as working models. We are searching for people with a heart for Europe and for sharing their ideas, wisdom and experience. Next Level International and KWI are seeking to partner with churches and individuals who can:

  • Lead a Short Term Ministry trip
  • Train Children’s workers
  • Sponsor Children’s Ministry Leadership Development projects.

Next Level International exists to empower a new generation of leaders to equip, transform and expand the church throughout Europe.

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