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Friday, February 24th, 2012

Marhanets is a mining city near the large Kakhovka Resevoir in Dnipropetrovs’ka, central Ukraine. Hosted by Pastor Oleg, it was here that we held our third training event for children’s leaders. Sixty delegates from the surrounding region made it through the icy roads which deterred many other potential delegates.

It was during a break from training that John was approached by Natasha. Two years earlier, she had participated in training. She, her husband Anatol and two sons live in the nearby town of Nikopol, where they began a church in 2003. Attracting children in a Ukraine town is easy, but keeping them connected and growing within the church is not so easy. A lot of women tend to be Christians, but their husbands are not, and this is reflected by their limited involvement in church. Speaking through an interpreter, Natasha told of how two years earlier, she went home both inspired and determined to make a difference with the children of Nikopol. Applying the principles she had learnt resulted in many children from her community coming to Kids club and experiencing God. Excited with their new found faith, these children brought their parents along to church – not just their mothers, but their fathers and siblings too!

With a job well done, and lives impacted, Natasha has reason to be proud of her achievements. However she is not happy to settle for a few good results. Instead, she desires more training, more new ideas and a greater outworking of God in her local community. Natasha is living proof of someone determined to make a difference.

There are many other Kids leaders like Natasha, not just in Nikopol or Marhanets, Ukraine, but also in Madrid, Spain, in Slavošovce, Slovakia, and in every other European nation. Training, resourcing and partnering with them develops skills and realises dreams – dreams of impacting each child they come in contact with. But this will only happen with you and I alongside them. Why not partner with us in giving children across Europe the best chance at life – life with a future and a purpose!