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Update – March 2008

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Trust you had a Happy Easter and managed to spend some time relaxing with family whilst celebrating new life because of Jesus! We awoke on Easter Sunday to a ‘white’ Easter – a ‘white’ Christmas we get, but a ‘white’ Easter was a little unusual! The other noteworthy natural event we have recently experienced was an earthquake. We were woken in the middle of the night by a loud rumble, followed by an obvious shaking of our whole house. This lasted about 30 seconds – long enough to wake up thinking ‘what the heck is that’, work out that it is probably an earthquake and then start thinking ‘do I need to get up and check that everything is ok, like does my house now have a huge crack that I can only see from the outside and what do the other houses in our street now look like? ’ We survived with no damage (but didn’t actually get out of bed to check till the morning), as did the majority of the country.

John’s recent trip to Poland and Czech with Connie and Tim (NLI interns) was a success on a number of fronts! They survived (which is always good!) and thanks to everyone who was praying for them! John’s driving was apparently ok with only one or two near misses, and no major losses in direction, thanks to the GPS. However, once back home, the length of time it took him to adjust to driving on the left hand side again was more than a little worrying! The trip was very encouraging for us as the main purpose was to carry out initial negotiations for the towns to be part of BOOST Tour 09. In each town, John barely spoke for 10 mins before they were excitedly on board and already making plans for venues, working out if they could use the Tesco (like Coles) car park and how the tour would work. Mid-April, John and Chris will travel to Slovakia to check out some of the towns there. This will also be the start BOOST It! - our 2 year training program for national kids leaders in Slovakia. The national executives of the denomination (not sure of the name but is apostolic) will also be attending this first training event. In all, we will conduct 8 training events in Slovakia during 2008/09.

Update – February 2008

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

So things are a little quiet around the Santo house now! All the Aussies have gone home and, although the extra space is appreciated, the lack of company has forced us into watching copious amounts of ‘Red Dwarf’. Sad, we know!! 

John is headed to Poland and Czech Republic in March to start sorting out the BOOST Tour 09. (This is a touring Kid’s Works style event in August 09 through Southern Poland, Czech and Slovakia – 4 weeks – 3 nations – heaps of towns – HUGE IMPACT!!) (more…)